I received an alert via Bustle and I had to instantly check Aaron Paul's Instagram to see if it's true. Then, in pure excitement, I ran back to Aaron's mom's desk to confirm the story. Our little actor from Idaho is all grown up and is going to be a dad!

Yes, Aaron's mom works with us. Of course she had just stepped out to meet with some people at a time where WE NEEDED HER! Overreacting? Maybe a little.

As if Aaron Paul and Lauren's story wasn't precious enough, the pair announced today (9.19) that they're expecting their first child together.  The two met at Coachella, married in a gorgeous ceremony, and have used their positions to do incredible things by promoting kindness. Now, Paul and Lauren are going to pass along their love and kindness to a new generation.


I'm not typically one to go all gaga over celebrities but this couple melts my heart. I don't know how you can be cool and good all the time.



Aaron moved from Idaho to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I would say he's done pretty well for himself. The best part is that he still shares a love for Idaho and doesn't ever forget where he came from.

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