With Mother Nature experiencing what seems like a constant mood swing for the past few weeks, the up and down temperatures are creating some problems on Treasure Valley roads.

The most common cause of potholes is ground water expanding or contracting after its gotten underneath roadways through small cracks in the ground.  If the water freezes and melts enough times, it can expand those small cracks in the asphalt into a good size crater that can really mess with your commute. Hit one of those bad boys at 45 miles an hour and it will flatten your tire into a pancake in less than 15 seconds. Next thing you know, you're on the phone with your boss explaining that you're going to be late because you had to stop and put your spare tire on.

The Ada County Highway District wants to help cut down on the probability of a pothole ruining your day, so they're encouraging you to report the ones you've seen during their special "Pothole Week."  Between April 2-6, residents are encouraged to report the potholes they've seen through the ACHD website so crews can come out and fill them.

To report the crater you've seen, just click HERE, upload a photo of the pothole and it's location. You can also use their ACHD Reporter app on your smartphone to send in your pothole.  Grab the app for your phone using the links below.

Download the ACHD Reporter App: Google Play | iOs

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