Idaho's housing market has rivaled the stock market when it comes to growth. It's hard to believe that home prices bottomed out in our area years ago thanks to the housing crisis. Idaho has rebounded from the days of empty cul de sacs and foreclosed homes.

According to Deseret News, Idaho and Utah share the destination of being the states with the most overpriced homes. Can anyone remember when home prices dropped in Ada County? That time is now according to the Idaho Statesman through the MLS. Home prices in Ada County fell 1.8% last month. Canyon County home prices fell by 1%.

The 10 Priciest Homes in Canyon County Are Beautiful and Sometimes a Bit Quirky

If there's one thing that Zillow surfing has taught us, it's that million dollar homes in Canyon County are VERY, VERY different than million dollar homes in Boise. Some of these are gorgeous. Others will make you go "hmmmm."

Home prices are still at record levels. The median home price for homes in Ada County is 530,500, while homes in Canyon County cost 410,500. Real Estate experts expect prices to drop as most folks will not be moving once the school year begins. Summer is usually the busiest season for real estate buyers and sellers.  

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Boise was the number one city for the overpriced value of homes, according to Florida Atlantic University. Several cities followed the city of trees in our area in being overpriced. Here are the top ten cities:

The Ten Idaho Cities With the Most Affordable Homes

Not all zip codes are created equally. Idaho has its share of pricey real estate, but there are still a few places around the state where you can find a home for under $150,000, according to Homesnacks. Wanna move?

Here's how the top 10 rankings landed, according to the research:

  1. Boise, Idaho, where homes are selling at an 80.6% premium.
  2. Austin, Texas, at a 50.7% premium.
  3. Ogden, at a 49.7% premium.
  4. Provo, at a 46.2% premium.
  5. Detroit, at a 45.6% premium.
  6. Spokane, Washington, at a 45.2% premium.
  7. Salt Lake City, Utah, at a 42.4% premium.
  8. Phoenix at a 42.3% premium.
  9. Las Vegas at a 41.9% premium.
  10. Stockton, California, at a 38.5% premium.

Hopefully, the reduction in prices will allow Idahoans to afford homes that at one time were affordable.  

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