There are few things in life as good as walking around the house in a brand new pair of socks or the smell of freshly cooked Mexican food in the kitchen, right? Maybe those are just my vices... But I think that we can all agree stumbling across a few dollars that you didn't even know you had is a THRILL.

About twice a year it seems like the State or the County is saying...HEY WE MIGHT HAVE YOUR MONEY-- how often does that happen? You pay your taxes for roads, services, and more-- it's not often you're able to say ok, Ada County, time to give me MY money. In this instance, you can-- if you're owed, that is.

The Idaho State Treasurers office has paid out over $3,000,000 in unclaimed money and there is a ton that has yet to be claimed. I couldn't think of one single instance in which I was owed money and about 6 months ago when I checked, I had a random $25 check that was mine to claim. That's dinner for me!

All you have to do is search for your own, full name, on their website to see if any of this "free" money is looking to find its way back to you. Have a popular name? You can plug in your city of residence, too.

Search for yourself--it's worth you time--HERE.

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