A murder in Nampa, just outside of the local Buffalo Wild Wings, shook our community in 2022. The news of such a crime--in such a public place, came as a shock.

All of this time later, the case has remained open, as authorities searched for answers on the death of Joe 'Joey' Flores -- a 23 year-old man.

Breaking news just weeks ago informed the community that arrests have been made.


Do you know any of these individuals or have any further information on the case? Nampa Police have said that this is still under investigation. 

It has been nearly 2-years in the making for all of these arrests to come to fruition.

Now, after the announcement of SIX arrests being made, yet another arrest was made just days ago, this time, the arrest of 20-year-old Justina Cedillo for the crime of Perjury. Additional charges were also tacked on to the original six arrests.

Nampa Police Chief Joe Huff offered some hope in another public comment on the investigation:

The ongoing effort in this case has resulted in an additional arrest and more charges for some of those already in custody. I hope our community knows cases are often not solved overnight, but I also hope they know how hard we’ll work when horrible crimes like this happen in Nampa. I know nothing will bring back Mr. Flores, but I hope his family has some closure with these arrests


It's unfortunate that all of this has taken so long--especially for the family of the victim--however there is no doubt that being somewhat closer to closure must be reassuring. We're thankful for our local law enforcement.

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