Drive thru coffee, drive thru medications, drive thru ATM.

Why not drive thru groceries?

Albertsons agrees, and their making strides to bring a drive thru window to their North Eagle Road location.

The store currently has an outdoor items area, but if the drive thru plans get approved, an "online order pick-up area" would take its place. How would it work? Best we can tell, you would order items online ahead of time, pull up to the drive thru, and workers would deliver the items you ordered right to you.

In the filing for approval for the drive thru window, Albertsons states that business is slowly but surely picking up as far as online pick-up goes:

Albertsons stores currently operating an online pick-up service are averaging about 20 customers per week.

Albertsons Barber Valley location is also currently vying for a drive thru window.

Are you less concerned with an Albertsons drive thru window, and more concerned with how you can get a job there? Tawsha Box had a similar thought, and our friends at the Park Center location made her dream of becoming a cashier come true:


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