There's nothing quite like some coy attitude on Twitter--you have to be "from the internet" to get it sometimes. Albertsons, however, has recently hit it out of the park and I'm totally standing with them, by the way.

Call it attitude, call it a lash out, call it what you will--the good folks at Albertsons have proven that not only are they right but that they have a pretty great sense of humor. Odds are, you'll be able to relate to this shopping controversy, yourself.

So, what's the controversy all about? Shopping carts. It's about shopping carts.


To our knowledge, nobody is stealing the shopping carts like the infamous Bubbles of "The Trailer Park Boys" is known for--but the controversy really does revolve around what people are doing with them. Perhaps it's more of what they AREN'T doing, with them.

In a tweet that has made its rounds all over the internet, Albertsons shared:

Yes--those of you who do not return your shopping carts to the corral have officially been called out!  My friend and colleague here around the radio station
Kevin Millerreturning the shopping cart

But perhaps my favorite dismissal was the one suggested by this twitter user:  


Kids and puppies always win--ALWAYS. 

Are you a cart-ditcher or a cart "corraller"? 

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