Ever since she was a little girl, it's been Tawsha Box's dream to be a cashier.

Thanks to our friends at Albertsons, we were able to make her dream a reality!

The ruse was this: I convinced Tawsha that we were going to go to Albertsons on Parkcenter so I could sing a Birthday Spank Song of the Week live for their manager Travis. Sure, she thought it was a little weird, but she went with it. Tawsha didn't know, but I got the homie hookup from my girlfriend, who works for Albertsons corporate. She arranged to have Travis and his staff standing by when we arrived with a full Albertsons uniform for Tawsha, as well as a check stand to full all her cashier desires.

The whole thing went fantastic, and the staff couldn't have been more accommodating. Just goes to show you, dreams really do come true here in Boise!

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