Today is International Day of Forests – let’s celebrate the ones we have here in Idaho!

National Today said, “Roosevelt called them ‘the lungs of the Earth,’ Robert Frost and millions of poets were inspired by them, and Sting is fighting to save them. We’re talking about forests. And celebrities aren’t the only ones who feel a strong connection with them. We all do.”

Might I just add, I think Idahoans have a really special connection with our forests, too. We love our land, and especially compared to other states, our land is treated very well, and of course, we love to get outside!

To celebrate International Day of Forests, consider going outside and recharging for a little while. Get out and go for a hike, in a forest or a park, and enjoy some time outdoors. Or another popular way to celebrate today, consider planting a new tree!

Keep reading for some fun Idaho Forest Facts & Amazing Pictures of the 9 National Forests we have here.

According to, “40 percent of Idaho is covered in trees, and 89.6 percent of the land in Idaho that was covered by forest in 1630 is still forest land today.”

As far as where we stand compared to the rest of the country, and according to, “Idaho is 10th in forestland, 12th in timberland, and 5th in wilderness.”

The last Idaho Forest Fact I have for you is this … almost 22 MILLION of Idaho’s acres are covered in forests, and that’s bigger than other whole entire states in the country. For example, said that’s “larger than Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island combined!”

Here are some photos of All 9 National Forests in Idaho—enjoy! :)

Here's EVERY National Forest in Idaho

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