If you have lived in the Treasure Valley for just about any amount of time, followed Boise State football, or even just paid attention to college football in general--you've seen famous 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. If not the whole game, you've seen the plays that mattered--the Statue of Liberty and Hook & Ladder. It was the biggest stage that little Boise State had ever played on--they won, and went down as a Cinderella story for the history books.

Since that game, Boise State has won their fair share of football games--some, on just as large of a stage. I can still remember when Boise State was realistically a contender to play for a national title--of course those dreams came crashing down after a missed field goal.

Well, Boise State fans. The harsh reality is that those days have been over for a while.

The likes of UCF, University of Houston, and others have taken over the role as "top dog" when it comes to being "the little guy". We've got a memorable story and everyone knows about our blue field...but that just doesn't mean enough anymore.

ESPN released their power index and for the first time in a VERY long time, Boise State is nowhere near the Top 25. They barely made the cut into the top 80--coming in at #78.

So what does this mean for new Head Coach Andy Avalos & Company? Well, we're all Boise State fans around here but to be honest, it just means this team needs to win. They need to win consistently in the games that count. With a road game to UCF and an Oklahoma State team coming to the blue, there will be plenty of attention on the Broncos this fall. The question remains, can they capitalize? The city is so hyped with the energy that Avalos has injected into the program--I DO believe in this guys leadership, but the program isn't what it once was, there's no clear starting Quarterback, and we're all waiting to see how it pans out.

To see the complete Power Index for yourself, click HERE.

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