We use the word "worst" lightly, because as any good coaster fanatic would tell you...there really are no bad roller coasters! 

According to a recent survey, the number one thing that Americans are looking forward to this summer is taking a vacation and will spend an average of $1700 on vacations alone. Maybe you're taking one big family vacation or maybe you're looking to do a series of long weekends so you can go more places. If a series of short road trips are in order, Lagoon in Farmington, UT is a great choice! It's less than five hours away, packs in thrills on the rides, chills on the waterslides and a chance to grab some good Oktoberfest-esque grub at Lagoon's Biergarten.

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While there are some great rides there that aren't coasters (Odysea, we're looking at you for being the hero of a very hot day at Frightmares last year,) they're definitely the highlight of the park! That's why we decided to rank them all! And let's be honest, they're all pretty great!


Not only is Cannibal the best coast at Lagoon, we’ll put it up against any coaster in the United States. Opened in 2015, Cannibal is unique because it lacks a lift hill. An elevator lift raises the 12 person train 208 feet into the air before plunging riders 116° beyond vertical free-fall. The coaster packs 4.2 Gs, hits a max speed of 70 miles per hour and cost the park $22 million. The coaster is pure Lagoon. 75% was designed in house, which is extremely rare.

The Spider

The Spider is definitely a coaster that you DO NOT want to ride after you’ve eaten some yummy treats on the Midway. Why? Because in addition to the normals twists, turns and drops of a regular coaster, the cars also unlock and spins. According to Lagoon’s website, it can make up to 20 rotations per minute. That’s why we’re not overly shocked that we watched a few “tough guy” teenagers toss their cookies getting off the ride during 2020 Frightmares. It’s top speed is 38 miles per hour.

Colossus, The Fire Dragon

Colossus the Fire Dragon is another coaster with German origins. It was one of three double looking coasters designed by Anton Schwarzkopf. What makes this coaster thrilling (and a bit unnerving) is the fact that it does flip you upside down but does NOT have over the shoulder restraints. It’s a coaster that’s fairly easy to take apart and reassemble in a matter of days, so it traveled to different fairs around Germany before Lagoon bought it and opened it in their park in 1983. A year later, People Magazine named it one of the top 10 roller coasters in the United States. It reaches a max height of 88 feet and max speed of 55 miles per hour.

Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse has an interesting history at the park. Originally, it was a wooden coaster that came from the Seattle World’s Fair and operated at Lagoon from 1965-1971. Two years later, they’d built a new wooden coaster with the same layout that they called the “New Wilder Wild Mouse.” That one lasted for 13 years. Eventually they built a steel version of it in 1998 and that’s the coaster we get to ride. While it’s one of the slower coasters in the park, it’s still really fun because the it gives you some crazy 180 degree turns and negative Gs!

Roller Coaster

If we could only ride one coaster in a day, a wooden coaster wouldn’t be our first pick but you’ve got to respect “Roller Coaster.” It just celebrated it’s 100th anniversary in May and is one of the oldest coasters in the world. It’s an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. Of course, the coaster doesn’t have all the same parts that it did in 1921. It was damaged by a fire in 1953, leading to the lift hill being rebuilt. Sections of the track and the trains have been replaced over the years. It’s max speed is 45 miles per hour


Whether it’s a hit by the Beach Boys or “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris, what makes BomBora fun is that you get music throughout the entire ride. The $5 million coaster opened as a family ride in 2011 and reaches a max speed of 31 miles per hour. It was designed by a German company named ART Engineering, but it’s name is Australian in nature. Bombora is an indigenous Australian turn for “turbulent area of sea over a submerged reef.” That’s also why it’s ocean themed.


We really want to love it but a few of us lived near Cedar Point in a previous lifetime and it feels like a wannabe Top Thrill Dragster. (Wicked opened in 2007, four years after that coaster.) But…if you’ve never been to Cedar Point, the launch from 0 to 41 is pretty exciting and it picks up more speed as the ride goes on reaching a max speed of 55 miles per hour and 4.85 Gs. It wasn’t cheap to build either! The second tallest coaster in the park cost Lagoon $10 million.

The Bat

The Bat is probably the most subdued suspended coaster that we’ve been on but it’s completion at Lagoon in April 2005 was a big deal. It’s the park’s only suspended coaster and is supposed to make you feel like you’re flying. It’s max speed is 26 miles per hour. It’s a cute coaster…but it’s definitely forgettable.

Jet Star 2

Poor Jet Star 2. We’re giving it last place on our list, simply because it’s been closed every single time we’ve gone to the park. (Maybe we just have bad luck.) It’s original home was the Expo ’74 World’s Fair in Spokane. It came to Lagoon in 1976. The park refurbished it in 2005. It’s spiral lift hill is intriguing (and reportedly very exciting) but we can’t confirm that from personal experience. If we ever get to ride it, it could leap frog The Bat.

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