Happy Halloween! I know it's not until next week but there are so many Halloween themed events happening that October 31 might be anti-climatic. That's the difference between things falling during the week and on the week. The GOOD news is you have all Saturday to prepare yourself for the trick or treaters on Tuesday. Have you heard of the teal pumpkins?

Put out a Teal Pumpkin on your porch and it lets kids and parents know that you cater to allergen-free kids. I'll be honest in saying I'd never thought much about this prior to three years ago. Probably in some cases, I might have even smirked at allergen friendly candy. That's NOT the case anyone after our son cheated death. I know my wife doesn't like to see things like that or talk about what it did to our family. I don't blame her but I talk about it to let other families know they aren't alone. I think it's also my responsibility as a voice in the community to educate and participate as much as possible. It's equally fulfilling when you learn your son can eat just like other kids with healthier choices. Make no mistake - I'm no nutritionist and far from an expert. You should do your own research, consult your family doctor and ALWAYS read labels.

Let me give you a few brands that we found at Natural Grocers. I love this place because the manager went through and showed me everything that our son could eat. Check the following candies and remember to always read the labels. Looking for more options? I found a good source that lists other foods allergen friendly. Click Here.

Want to learn more about teal pumpkins and where to find the Allergen Friendly spots?


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