Who doesn't love binge-watching some murder. Whether it's a true crime show, a murder docu-series, or a major drama all about...KILLING, like the show Dexter.

Believe it or not, in just over a month, worlds are colliding in Boise as a prolific killer will be invading Boise's live music scene.

We don't have to tell you that there is a whole list of concerts coming to the Treasure Valley that everyone is anticipating this year, here is just a sample of what is to come: 

Major Concerts Coming to the Boise Area in 2022

In 2021, we slowly saw the return of live music to the Treasure Valley. 2022 promises to be even bigger. Click the link of each act to be taken to the venue's website for more information about times and tickets.

Now, to be added to this extensive list is a small band with a large star--or, killer? 

Unless you've been living under a rock, the Showtime series "Dexter" is probably one of the most popular series' to ever be released by the network. Fans of the show so passionately defend, critique, and break down the motives and darkness behind Dexter Morgan--America's favorite serial killer.

Although the relevance of Dexter never really died--no pun intended--the recent release of the Limited Series "Dexter: New Blood" has only fired up fanatics of the show over the past few months.

Get this, Dexter fans:

Did you know that Dexter Morgan is actually the lead singer in a band? Yeah, we didn't either.

Plot twist, not only is Dexter Morgan--or, Michael C. Hall in real life--an amazing and gifted actor, but yes, he's the lead singer of a band that has announced a concert date right here in Boise, Idaho!

After watching some videos of the band, we're having a really hard time shaking the fact that it ISN'T Dexter Morgan on stage and frankly, it would be disrespectful to only grab onto that association and discount his musical talents as well.

According to an article from Michael Deeds released just this morning--it isn't uncommon for Hall to bring out the "Dexter crazies" during his shows, either.

After looking up the band on Spotify, we found they have about 33,700 monthly listeners--a total contrast to Michael C. Hall's average of 7 million WEEKLY viewers of "Dexter: New Blood".  We should also note that after listening to some of the music--we're kind of impressed. Who would have thought that Dexter--or--Hall, could sing like that! The music is a total vibe.

In an interesting announcement, we now know they're on tour:

Set to take place at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City on March 29th, tickets are $20 each before fees and you can purchase them, HERE.

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