If you've never been to a comedy show before, perhaps this should be your first! Since laughing is my favorite thing to do, I have always been a big fan of comedy shows.  I have, over the years, gone to plenty which featured a headliner that I had never heard of and on occasion, have made it to some major headlining shows like Aziz Ansari, George Lopez, and Jerry Seinfeld.

After seeing how massive the turnout was for Gabriel Iglesias at the Western Idaho Fair this summer, I'm now realizing that I'm certainly in the majority of the city when I say comedy is just the best.

If you have ever watched America's Got Talent, I guarantee you're familiar with Vicki Barbolak--the stand up comedian that made it all the way to the top 10 finalists and was a fan favorite in the 2018 season of the show. Were you one of the many that she made laugh from the comfort of your own sofa? Perhaps you should get up off of that sofa and see her LIVE next month!

Vicki Barbolak will be preforming live at one of my favorite bars, The Balcony Club, on Wednesday November 14th!  According to the event page on Facebook, tickets are selling fast, so if you're hoping to see her--you should grab yours quick!

For tickets and more info, click HERE.

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