The internet, surprisingly, is going wild over announcements surrounding the potential expansion of Amtrak across the United States. What does that mean for Idaho? Well, unfortunately, not a whole lot.

While I was living in Spokane, Washington for four years--I was surprised myself that I had fallen in love with Amtrak the way that I had. If you want to get to Seattle from Spokane, it's a pretty easy 4-hour long drive across the state. Unless of course, it's winter time. The drive through various mountain passes can be a little less than ideal and flying is usually the best option. This is actually when I discovered Amtrak myself.  For a literal fraction of a flight, I could get to Seattle overnight and it was the most comfortable traveling experience I had ever had. The reclining seats were like big beds and the train was always empty. Something about the sound was peaceful, too.  While I know that Amtrak USED to service the Treasure Valley, it no longer does and I have always wished it would return. I never saw myself loving a train ride.

Now, with the unveiling of President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, Amtrak has rolled out a proposed expansion plan that have many people very excited. Not everyone loves it, though. Take for example South Dakota who gets absolutely NO love-- not one train route touches the state.

Here in Idaho, the only portion of the state that gets serviced is far up north-- nowhere near the Treasure Valley. This is a route that is already in service, too--so, no expansion is being proposed for Idaho.

I know that if there were an Amtrak route going through Boise to places like Seattle, Portland, or even up north--I would absolutely book those tickets! I would often pay under $50 round trip to get from Spokane to Seattle, which was a total steal on a college kids budget. I do enjoy, too, that many on Twitter here locally are also feeling the frustration:

My favorite tweet is that last one, up above.  Yes-- "People live here". Come on, Amtrak!

Have you had experience traveling with Amtrak and do you wish they would re-consider a Boise route?

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