Imagine raising so much money through a lemonade stand and GoFundMe account that you could pay off school lunch debt for an entire district!  One Idaho girl did exactly that.

Amiah Van Hill is a second grader in Coeur D'Alene, and raised over $23,000 through a lemonade stand and a GoFundMe, and the money is helping pay off student lunch debts across the entire district.

KTVB says Amiah started the lemonade stand over the summer, and there was enough thirst and momentum to keep it going until this month when she reached her goal.

As a parent, maybe you've gotten that friendly ping from your child's school notifying you that it's time to reload the lunch card or deposit more money into the lunch account.  The good thing is, they don't make the kids starve until we get our act together as parents.  The kids eat, and the lunch staff lets the account overdraft until the parent catches up. Or until a super awesome kid like Amiah pays the whole thing off.

Amiah's hard work squeezing all those lemons and managing the GoFundMe page paid off, and she and her mom were able to present that huge check to the Couer D'Alene school district nutrition program on Thursday.

Kids are awesome!  Especially in Idaho we think.  And Amiah is one more fantastic example.

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