Much like most events slated to happen this spring, Boise Pride's Diversity Prom ended up being canceled due to concerns around COVID-19. For the last few years, I've been lucky enough to contribute to this event and even more so, witness the amount of work and love that goes into it by its organizers. Each spring, HUNDREDS of you, local Treasure Valley teens, show up to this event in anticipation of merely having a great time in an environment where you can be yourself. It makes me really sad we aren't getting together tomorrow night.

A lot of fun events were canceled due to this nasty virus--for many of you, that may have even included your shot at a state title or crossing a stage for graduation--with a crowd to cheer you on. Maybe it just meant that you have had to be distanced and away from your friends--your closest and biggest advocates.

I'm not sure there's anything I can say that will make any of that better, but I wanted to take the time to let you know that I, and thousands of others in the Treasure Valley care deeply about you. We care that you remain true to yourself, love who YOU are, and love WHO you love. It's easier said than done sometimes--I get that. I think you'll find, however, that just being true to yourself will always be the healthiest thing to do.

If you're 18, VOTE. Make your voice heard and help us encourage Idaho to embrace diversity. If you're not 18 just yet-- lead by example, you're our future!

I got together with some of the strongest voices in our community and some well-known artists that reached out because they heard we couldn't all get together this weekend, and we made one big video, just for you. Check it out, below, and remember-- JUST BE YOURSELF.



  • Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo
  • Michael Lieberman
  • Elle
  • Empress Veronica Miles
  • Erika Lady Gaga
  • Jackson Wang
  • Jaysia
  • Lady D
  • Boise Mayor Lauren McLean
  • Candidate for United States Senate Paulette Jordan
  • Percilla Moore
  • Stephanie Poetri
  • Joe Kibbie
  • Ryan Russell
  • Boise Pride Festival


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