It's time to pack up and go home, Nancy--Idaho is over it and frankly, we don't want you here. It's nothing personal, you've had a successful career, you're a household name--but Idaho is mourning, recovering, and we are so over your dramatized efforts.

What you don't understand, Nancy, is that Moscow is a treasure in the State of Idaho. The University of Idaho community is one of the tightest-knit communities in the entire state and perhaps folks like yourself that have never been there or just learned how to pronounce it will never understand--but can't you let this community mourn and come together?

During the early hours of Sunday, November 13th 2022, four innocent lives were taken.  University of Idaho students that had bright futures, hundreds a friends, and a lifetime of memories ahead of them will never get to do that thanks to someones selfish, criminal, and evil acts.

Nancy--you, yourself, have first-hand experience with murder and tragedy-- don't you understand that healing takes time, space, and community?

It's time to be honest: you're helping with absolutely nothing.



A suspect is in custody and "the case" is far from over--your desires to shoot from the front of a house that has been a crime scene for over two months now is nothing more than click bait and there's nothing left for you to discover.

After weeks of internet sleuths disrupting the lives of innocent community members, harassing victims' friends, family, teachers, and favorite businesses--you're here, pointing out the obvious in front of bright lights and big cameras: for clicks, attention, and self-gain.

We have nothing against the media--or the coverage. In fact, in a time where the media is taking a beating more than any other time in recent history, law enforcement officials could not thank the media enough for their coverage once a suspect was in custody. Since the crime, media on both local and national scales have been covering the case and as soon as the police found themselves asking for public help, the news, such as the search for a white Elantra was everywhere.

Nancy, pacing around the same house that has been the center of national attention for months will bring nothing to the surface that hasn't already been discovered or shared. It isn't helping families heal, your dramatized dubbing of "murder house" is not helping the community, and frankly--you're doing nothing to speed up the just, due process owed to all parties involved in the criminal trial.

It's time to take a hint: you aren't just doing your job, you're making a scene. A scene that doesn't need to be made in a town that has a sense of community and love for one another that you may never be able to comprehend.

Want to help, Nancy? Pack up, leave, and report on the case in a helpful way when needed. Share stories of love from friends and loved ones--that cherish the legacy of the four innocent lives and stop trying to paint a picture of crime that you have no insight or exclusive information about.

We stand #VandalStrong and hope you will too--by giving up the gimmick in our town.

We hear Atlanta is beautiful  this time of year.

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