Dear Nampa residents, distinguished Treasure Valley citizens, and our beloved thief,

After firing up our 103.5 KISS FM "Box Truck" in Nampa yesterday evening out in Nampa near the Caldwell Boulevard, we discovered that the truck was REAL loud--much louder than normal.  While we're used to our lovely Box Truck being a very fierce and intimidating marketing vehicle--we've never heard this 2004 F-350 roar the way that she did last night.  After a little investigating, we learned that one fine, outstanding individual decided to crawl under our truck and saw out the catalytic converter.

My name is Mateo and I was born and raised in Nampa. Until my return from college, I lived in Nampa for my entire life. Never did I think a crime as petty as this would happen in a city that I love so much--let alone to a radio station's vehicle.  What is wrong with you? Who hurt you? Why do you have to make our lives so difficult? Since when did I not feel comfortable leaving a company vehicle in my hometown, overnight?

Apparently this kind of theft has been on the rise--the metals inside of these catalytic converters are valuable to scrap metal dealers.

I don't care about cars. I don't know the first thing about cars. I couldn't even spell "catalytic" until about 12-hours ago. But here we are--all because someone felt the need to steal. Classy.

While I'm sure that we will never see our lovely catalytic converter ever again, I'd like whomever stole it to know that we have the finest at the Nampa Police Department on the case. I've got to give this team a shoutout--dispatch had me filed away with a police report and a criminal report number in no time.  Clearly, Nampa Police waste no time--watch out, THIEVES!

A "son" of Nampa myself, I'd like to give whoever did this a chance for redemption. 

Bring back our car part, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, and I'll hook it up with concert tickets to whatever you're trying to see this year here in town. There are some great shows. 





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