I don't want to die on Interstate 84.  I don't want to die period but I feel like it could really happen every time I take the freeway here in the Treasure Valley.  I see women slapping on makeup while maintaining a good 70 mph speed.  Men shaving without looking away from that mirror.  Hell, I've seen some people shaving their legs.  Yeah.  IN THEIR CAR while maneuvering through traffic at freeway speeds.

I've been in it all.  Bumper to bumper.  Two lanes, one lane, NO LANES.  Accidents, construction, disasters, snowstorms, wind storms, you name it.  And do you think any of that slows people down?  Hell no!

We're all creatures of habit and most of us end up on the same roads at the same time each day.  When driving home from work I see this blue Mustang blast past me, weaving in between traffic, honking like a madman every single day.  It's like clockwork.  One day the guy was getting a ticket which made me chuckle a bit but really I was just thinking this might slow him down moving forward.  NOPE!  He was back at it the next day and when we were going through Snowpocalypse here in Boise a couple of years ago, it didn't slow him down a bit.  And then I saw his vehicle upside down on top of a snowbank and him standing outside on his cell phone calling for help.  He was fine but that mustang took a beating.

I love our officers but I've had them veer into my lane because they're distracted talking on their cell phones.  Or how about the empty cop car that sits on the side of the road in an effort to slow people down?  Do you think that does any good?  Uhhhhh NO!

I'm constantly reminded of how fragile life is when I see these tragic accidents and the aftermath that leaves fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, and so many others without their loved ones.  I've seen children who didn't make it.  Stretchers covering lifeless bodies, women with blood running down their faces screaming, and I've seen the raw, sad emotion of those sitting with their face buried in their hands knowing that it was their fault.

I've seen too many crosses on the side of I-84.  Too many flowers and pictures and candles.  And every time I check out the news it seems to me that another member of our community is gone.  For what?  Why?  Because you're a bit late to work?  Or is it because you need to multitask and eat that huge hamburger while your driving?  Or are you taking care of business on your phone?  I can't even talk about all the Texting and Driving that goes on here.  Just look around next time you're on I-84 and you'll see it everywhere.

Every time you think you've seen it all on I-84, guess again.  What about entire overpass bridges destroyed because of an accident.  Or hey, do you remember that naked woman that tried to run across the freeway right there at the connector and was hit and killed.  I can't remember if we ever found out if that was suicide, drugs, or something else going on but it just proves that I-84 is cursed with the weirdest, most tragic, nastiest disasters.

Bottom line is this.  I don't want to die on I-84.  I love my job.  I love my family.  And I love life.  But I feel like I'm taking it into my own hands every time I drive this freeway.  Please HELP!  Slow down, drive safe, and be careful.  Thank you!

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