Every Tuesday Mateo and I hit a Mexican Food spot to try out and rate the tacos on IG @kissboise. We call it Brunch in the Box because we always drive the KISS FM box truck ( you can't miss the huge 9ft. X 9ft box with the kiss logo, hence the box truck). We have hit food trucks as well as brick and mortars and we always pay for the food that way there is no bias and we're free to speak the truth.

Today we hit Andrade's Mexican Restaurant on Overland and to be honest I had heard about all the goodwill that the owners and employees have put out to the community but I hadn't heard much about the food. From the minute we pulled up to their drive thru window I knew this was gonna be a next level experience. The woman at the window was so kind and I can't say enough about the service. The food... oh the food was impressive! The Al carbon street taco was on point and the #18 two taco combo (carne asada and grilled chicken) was delicious. We rate these places on a scale of 1-5 tacos and Andrade's gets 5 tacos and a chip. I will definitely be back and you should definitely try it.


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