A man who tried to use the defense of “injuring his dog while playing fetch” has been officially booked into the slammer. Twenty-four-year-old Austin Mattot of Spokane was convicted of animal cruelty and beating or harassing animals while staying in Northern Idaho. Though he was sentenced to one year, the judge suspended part of the sentence. Ultimately Austin will serve only 5 months in jail and two years’ supervised probation. A veterinarian who examined the dog- who went by the name of Hank- states Hank had multiple injuries, rib fractures, and internal bleeding. He was a Corgi and Red Heeler mix. This entire situation disgusts me. I can’t fathom who would hurt an innocent animal. To harm an animal who cannot even defend itself is unfathomable, let alone to get off on basically a five-month sentence. I personally think Austin should have received a much harsher punishment. Abuse of animals is often an indication of bigger future problems as well. I hope to see he gets help while he serves his time.

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