You see it every day while driving around town or maybe you're willing to admit guilt yourself: cell phone use on the roads. As our lives continue to get more and more attached to these little devices (I mean, I can literally do everything I need to from my phone on a daily basis) we forget that when we're in the car--these need to get set down.

Take it from me, I used to be guilty of this. I got hit with an $80 ticket as I was turning into my apartment complex...all because the officer saw me on my phone. When the lights went on I knew exactly what I had done. The worst part? It was nothing important.  I was LITERALLY refreshing my email... since then, I've learned: it can all wait.

Fines are the least of the issue at hand when it comes to inattentive driving. It's the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers that is most important. That's exactly why Governor Brad Little has named April as Engaged Driving Awareness Month.

Statistics show that in Idaho over the last five years, over 230 deaths were caused by distracted driving. That number is far too large--and that's in our state ALONE.

Make it a point to put that phone down this April--it's a great start at building the habit to leave it down ALL of the time in the car.


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