There's no denying that people are moving to the Treasure Valley in droves.

Just know, it's happening much faster than you'd think.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the Idaho Department of Labor is guesstimating that Idaho will experience a 15.3% population increase by 2025. We did the math on that, and it comes out to just over 250,000 people moving to the Treasure Valley in the next eight years.

Demographically, different age groups will be coming here more than others. Persons 65 and older are expected to increase by a whopping 36%, while the 15 and under population is projected to only increase by 8%.

A little more math for you, the DOL says that 66% of all people moving to Idaho by 2025 will settle in Ada, Canyon, and Kootenai counties. So, don't expect all the construction downtown and new homes being built around Boise to slow down anytime soon.

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