If there's one thing that makes Boise so special--and believe us, we know there are many--a popular answer may well be that our downtown is so great. Whether you were born and raised in the area, have just visited town, or maybe you're a transplant from someplace else, it's impossible to not notice how special our downtown Boise is.

Home to two 'large' concert halls and many other live music venues, some really great restaurants and bars, patio and rooftop summer options, and lots of local business, there is something for everyone. Another thing that folks always say about downtown Boise?

It's' clean.

We really take care of our downtown social and business oasis.

What could possibly ruin that? Perhaps 'ruin' is a harsh word--but one thing in particular can make our streets a little less 'sightly'. We're looking to you, Lime Scooters.

Especially after a weekend but really at any given point in time--a storll through downtown may lead you to knocked over, inconveniently parked, or just 'in the way' commercialized and motorized scooters.  People use these to get around town or just to joy ride but when it comes to parking them: we're pretty awful.

Changes coming to scooter use in Boise are on the way, following recent talks between Lime and Boise City Council.

Among these changes is a price increase-- from $0.36 to $0.39 per minute of riding. It's interesting to note that the City of Boise get's a dime for each ride. The City of Boise is also asking Lime to keep sidewalks and ramps totally clear of parked scooters. Officials plan to have designated parking areas for these scooters in hopes of having the 'stragglers' that are all over, cleared up.

All of these changes aside--Lime is still considered affordable transportation and it does indeed serve a purpose in the area. Be safe out there Boise--park where you're out of the way and please stop riding the wrong way up the streets!

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