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I came across this video from Gillette and was really moved. We live in a very divisive time in all our lives that even the smallest window of hope should be shared.

Gillette is running a campaign right now called, "The Best Men Can Be." The famous shaving company for men is challenging those same consumers to make a difference and offering a million dollar prize for the next three years.

I use clippers on my face and that means I'm not buying any Gillette for shaving. I'm not endorsing their razors, creams or products. I don't even know anyone that works for this company. That doesn't mean that their message missed me. I get it. I endorse that. I'm a man with a son and baby girl that will look up to me for years to come. Making the right decisions will impact them forever because they are paying attention. Let me repeat, THEY ARE PAYING ATTENTION.

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There is no doubt that I'm sure Gillette has made mistakes in their campaigns at some point as we have in our lives. I'm also quite sure they will get criticized for some reason. Sometimes it feels like your damned if you do and damned if you don't (like my parents would say.)

I challenge that we try today and not just watch the video. Implement your own change somewhere in your life that will hold us all accountable. This campaign is designed for men to put those stereotypical "boys will be boys" mentality in the past. We can never fully understand what other people are going through if we haven't walked in their steps. I'm challenging you to try. Speak up. Speak out. Educate.

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I'm challenging the dads to put down your phones and pick up your kids. Instead of rushing through a bedtime story, teach them a lesson. In this video, Gillette asks us a question, "Is this the best a man can get?" They challenge their own positioning statement as a brand and ask you again to make you think, " it?"

We expected debate. Actually a discussion is necessary. If we don't discuss and don't talk about it, I don't think real change will happen, Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette's North America brand director

Are we doing the best we can? We're not. I may think I am as a father but not as a professional. I reach hundreds of thousands of boys and men every day. I have to do more and I will. That is my personal oath to viewers of this blog and listeners of our morning show. I loved watching this video because it's speaking directly to men and challenging "us." Gillette is showcasing that as a brand they are guilty too. So powerful.

We can't laugh it off

making the same old excuses (boys will be boys)

But, something finally changed

and, there will be no going back.

Because we, we believe in the best in men.

To say the right thing

To act the right way.

Some already are.

In ways big and small.

But, not enough.

Because the boys watching today

Will be the men of tomorrow.

This isn't anything new. This is now. Terry Crews is known for his crazy rolls as an actor and funny man in those Old Spice commercials. You might not know he's an advocate for the Sex Assault Survivors' Act and has a simple message for men.

I challenge the men reading this to challenge other men. Share this blog with someone or tell them about it. I'm not interested in a number of views, clicks or impressions. I would just be impressed that you read it and took action. Terry is right in this video. It's easy. Be kind. Be nice. Lead by example and try to become a better man every day.

I understand that the majority of my viewers and listeners are women. That said, I promise we're trying to be better.

One man at a time.


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