Football is just in the air this time of year and we're so okay with that. The NFL season is well underway with playoff and wildcard projections already being discussed. Boise State continues to win and bowl game talk is WELL underway. Meanwhile as these two realms build up, it's time for State Championships to be awarded for our high school programs across the State of Idaho.

Typically, the Treasure Valley schools dominate these brackets but this year, we're not as heavily represented as many of us are used to seeing. Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I have always felt that high school football here in the Treasure Valley and even across the state is underrated. The culture and the competitive nature is pretty intense! I'm a graduate of Bishop Kelly High School--a total 'football' school, so I've seen a state championship game or ten. Unfortunately for us Knights, this year we didn't make it as far as we're used to. It's tough being so spoiled!

Six teams remain among the 3A, 4A, and 5A ranks and only two of those teams are from the Treasure Valley. As a Bishop Kelly Knight, I never thought I would say this...but I think I'm rooting for you, Kuna and Homedale!

5A: Coeur d' Alene vs Rigby 11/23 @ University of Idaho

4A: Kuna vs. Blackfoot 11/23 @ Idaho State University 

3A: Homedale vs. Sugar Salem 11/23 @ University of Idaho

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