We're lucky to live in the Treasure Valley where time and time again, the community proves to look out for one another.

While the Treasure Valley and our great State of Idaho does remain a safe place most of the time--there's always one to 'ruin' it for the group. Tragic news out of Mountain Home this week has local authorities working overtime to get to the bottom of a homicide--and track down a suspect that is on the loose in the area.

According to a release from the Mountain Home Police Department, authorities located a deceased male subject who had been reported missing at the Thunderbird Motel, in Mountain Home. Officers declared the death a homicide and have since learned that the victim's car was taken by the suspect--who has since been identified.

At this time, Mountain Home Police are actively searching for 58-year-old Brian M. McGehee. His photo is below:

Credit: Mountain Home Police Department
Credit: Mountain Home Police Department

He is believed to be driving the victim's grey 2010 Mazda XC9 with the Idaho license plate: E0688U.

McGehee has been declared armed, dangerous, and on the loose.

Any information about his whereabouts should be directed to 911 -- and do not approach the man.

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