It's another Monday and no better day to jump into some motivation. That's why I've got my guy Brett Denton in studio to answer YOUR questions.

Brett is a local business owner in downtown Boise and Meridian--his gym, Kvell Fitness and Nutrition is a Treasure Valley favorite and it is always among the top when it comes to the best in town. Each week, we answer questions submitted by...YOU!

If you have ever tried to find an answer on health, fitness, weight loss, or wellness online, you know how difficult it can be to find a clear answer. Most of the time, someone online trying to be the expert ALSO has something to sell.

I appreciate Brett because so much of what he and his business preach is simply natural-- cleaning up your health habits by what the human body is meant to do.

This week, Brett answers a question about walking: can walking be counted as a workout and do 10,000 steps REALLY matter as much as we've always heard?  Click the video above to see more!


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