With a community as small, trustworthy, and attentive as ours here in the Treasure Valley, I find it hard to believe that someone doesn't know the man pictured that the Ada County Sheriff's Office is looking for.

That said, it's also unfortunate that we even need to be looking for someone that has been reported for said acts.

Just today, the Sheriff's Office sent out a tweet with the image of a man they would like to speak with. According to reports, he was taking photos of young girls rear-ends. See the tweet below:

It is important to note that these are only reports and obviously, the man pictured has not been found guilty of any crime. According to the woman who submitted this photo of him, after he was confronted at the Western Idaho Fair, he took off through the front gates.

As the tweet states, anyone with information on the man is encouraged to call dispatch at (208) 377-6790.

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