It isn't groundbreaking to hear someone complaining about rising rent costs in Boise. They're going up. A lot.

The issue is, it seems that the internet is having a difficult time deciding on how much it actually costs to rent a place in Boise. We did some legwork, and it turns out, the web is struggling more than we thought to nail down a number.

Let's look through a few websites to see what they're stating is the average cost to rent a place in Boise.

According to Rent Cafe, it's right around $1,650.

Whatever is, they're aiming more toward $1,340. puts Boise's average rent at $1,320. apparently is going thru inflation, their average price is over $1,700!

We all love Zillow, right? Do you love them after they said $1,900 is the average price of rent in Boise?

So what the hell is the actual average cost for rent in Boise? You tell us. We clearly can't trust the internet, but we totally trust you.

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