You're excited for fall. You can't wait for temps to drop so it's okay to wear Uggs, leggings and scarves. You're known as "basic". It's not a bad thing - at least not in my opinion. Flaunt it, girls!



Getting excited for the leaves to change colors and to wear all of the cute clothes while wrapping your hands around a warm pumpkin spice latte is something dreams are made of. Let's be real for a second.

I'm embracing this so much that I'm inviting neighbors over to my house to play games while we drink hot drinks and sit around in our snugglies. Is that basic? Yep, sure is.

Living in the Treasure Valley means we get to see and experience all seasons. Now is the time to dig out those sweaters and flannels and beanies because we will be starting the day with crisp air. The leaves are changing and OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT FALL!

Romantic Dreaming Winter Hipster Girl with a Mug
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What things do you need in order to be basic? Well, it's quite simple, really:

  • Uggs or similar. Being basic isn't about name brands, it's about a look. Go inexpensive if you're on a budget. Everyone is welcome.
  • Leggings. They can be solid, print, black, red - whatever. Just wear leggings
  • Latte in a to-go cup. Pumpkin Spice is preferable but if you're like me and opt for pumpkin spice chai or you just can't stand pumpkin spice, get something else.

What you wear on the top is up to how you're feeling for the day. Maybe you opt for an oversized sweater or flannel. Maybe you're thinking chambray (denim-ish) is more your style. Go for it.

Finally, throw on a scarf. Bunch it, make it messy and style it in a way that makes it look like you don't care but you really spent about 20 minutes on the "look".

The Treasure Valley is changing colors throughout and being outside is perfection.


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