It can feel great to be recognized and even better to have the place that pays you for your hard work be recognized! Several companies from right here in the Treasure Valley are celebrating going INTO the work week--yes, I said INTO--because they've been named one of the top places to work in the State of Idaho! Cheers to having some amazing culture!

We all get tired of work from time to time but do you REALLY love where you work? Some employers just do an amazing job of making sure that work doesn't feel It helps even more if you work in an industry that you love!

In the spirit of shouting out all of the awesome bosses and employers that deserve to be among the best, feel free to post up and share who you believe belong in that top tier!

Below are some of the big winners from over the weekend...

Macro Companies (250+ Employees)

  1. T-Mobile
  2. TSheets by Quickbooks
  3. Idaho Central Credit Union

Large Companies (100-249 Employees) 

  1. East Idaho Credit Union
  2. CBH Homes
  3. TitleOne

Medium Companies (50-99 Employees) 

  1. Auburn Crest Home Health & Hospice
  2. Better Business Bureau Northwest
  3. Verified First

Small Companies (20-49 Employees) 

  1. Treasure Valley Hospice
  2. Indepth Solutions
  3. Care Connection of Idaho Home Care

Micro Companies (10-19 Employees) 

  1. Vacation Rental Authority Inc
  2. Boardwalk Association Management
  3. Boise Regional Realtors

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