In college athletics, conference expansion is everything right now and Boise State fans are eager to play in a larger conference--no matter where it's at or who is in it. The teams with the best chances of playing in major bowl games, landing major recruits, and getting major television exposure all belong to these larger "Power 5" conferences.

For years, even at their height, Boise State has taken heat for not having a difficult schedule and dancing right into a great record at the end of the season. Of course, losing in these conferences is no good for the same reasons--major programs and critics can say "you lose to WHO!?".

Despite a rough start to the football season, it seems that the team is slowly figuring things out. On the hardwood, the basketball program when all the way to March Madness which has been unheard of in recent history.

Confident fans and boosters say it's time for the Big 12 to give them a look.

Boise State fans aren't going to like that this small university is passing them up in the Big 12 and Pac 12 spotlight. 

The Small School Taking Attention Away from Boise State

A small private university just hours from Boise is taking away attention from Boise State in the Big 12 Conference expansion.

Do the Zags deserve to be "upgraded" before the Broncos? 

Only time will tell--but these conversations do feel more real than anything happening here in Boise. The Zags have played for two national championships over the last few years and the women's basketball team has seen just as much success.

Unlike Boise State, who still can't stack an impressive non-conference schedule, you will see Gonzaga agreeing to matchups against perennial powers like the University of Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and Baylor.

These aren't just speculations--ESPN recently reported on the meeting between Gonzaga and the Big 12, stating that the Pac-12 and Big East are also interested. All three of these conferences are places Boise State would love to end up. Imagine a world where programs like Kansas, Baylor, BYU, and Texas Tech are regularly in the Pacific Northwest and skipping right over go to Spokane?

By the way, Gonzaga has 1/3 of Boise State's enrollment.

Time to step it up, Boise--or you'll be left in the wind while Gonzaga becomes "the little guy" moving up to the big time conference.

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