It's pretty safe to say that we live in Bronco territory.

Duh, with the Boise State campus so close, within a baseballs throw from the 103.5 KISS FM studios, we see blue and orange everywhere! That's why when I saw a big yellow "I" being hoisted up on a crane at the University of Idaho Boise it got my attention. Is this a Vandal invasion?!

No, as you probably know there are quite a few Vandal's fans and alumni that call the Treasure Valley home and it appears the University of Idaho Boise campus is just putting up a giant logo on their building. Still, it was interesting to see such a blatant "flying of the flag" so close to the Smurf Turf. I remember, not too long ago, the Bronco's vs Vandals rivalry game was the biggest game of the year.

I had the opportunity to speak with Maria Ortega the Marketing and Communications Manager for the University of Idaho Boise. She explained that the sign is part of a new marketing campaign across the state. The "gold" color is referred to  as "pride gold" and the sign cost approximately $14,000.

I asked if the college gave any thought to the proximity of a giant "I" so close to the Boise State campus?

"No," Ortega said. She explained that since the building has been at that location for over 20 years it wasn't a issue.

Check out the gallery below.

Idaho Logo

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