We live in very interesting times. Some days it seems like the entire world is just looking for an excuse to be offended, other days people can't scream loud enough about freedom of speech and how everyone should have the ability to be who they are. Speak your mind, let people know how you feel, don't hold back your voice matters -They say.

I agree that in this great country we should all have a voice but I also believe that we should respect everyone else's voice. Acceptance is a funny thing in that most people want it and a lot of people demand it but most hesitate to be accepting of others. Have we become a ME...ME and only ME society? What I say matters, Listen to ME.

Billie Eilish is an extremely talented musician and after years of hard work has finally been recognized by the American Music Awards, Billboard, The Apple Music Awards and the list goes on and on. My question is this - Does this mean that this public figure is not entitled to her opinion? Should she forever hold her peace or risk being crucified? Silly right? Tell that to the Lady Gaga fans who are on Twitter at this very moment screaming that she is "over" because the 18 year old vegan said that she wasn't a fan of Gaga's meat dress.

SMH... We live in very interesting times...

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