Am I still obligated to mention that we're living in strange times right now?

Nonetheless... we're living in some strange times. It's becoming our new normal and science is telling us this is what we'll be facing for a while. If you're missing your friends and family whether they're in town or afar, there is now a way for you to 'Netflix Party' with them...without even having to cram into the same living room.

'Netflix Cheating' is definitely a thing-- you know, when you watch a show you started with someone...while they're not with you!? It's totally unacceptable. That's why Netflix Party is helping out.

Netflix Party, a web extension for your Google Chrome browser, is meant to let you and your friends jump onto Netflix and watch a show at the exact same time, together. It even has a chat feature!

For more on how to install the extension (it's super simple), click HERE.

The best part? There's a 30-day free trial!

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