If next year is anything like last year, season passes to Bogus will have you on the slopes for most of the year. It feels like we've been living on the mountain with all the snow this year! Let's do it again!

If you add up the total snowfall on Bogus, the total (as of February 20, 2017) amounts to 111". That's over 9 feet of snowfall since just the start of the year. With the weather being massively unpredictable, I'm thinking this is a trend rather than a fluke.

I'm kicking myself for not investing this year. I told myself I was going to pick up snowboarding again but held off because I didn't know how much snow there would be after Christmastime.

Silly me.

Even though winter continues at Bogus, they're looking toward next year. You'll be able to ski and snowboard and tube through April of this year.

Bogus Basin's annual President's Day Season Pass sale kicked off this week and goes through February 26. If you purchase a 2017/2018 pass, you can use it for the rest of this season as well. So, it's basically a season and a half pass.

Tamarack and Brundage also made their season passes available this week. If you want to head to another mountain, the passes are available there, too.

Season Pass Sales:


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