If you fell asleep in the City of Boise last night, odds are, you were awaken by a loud and terrifying noise. There is absolutely NOTHING pleasant about that noise that plays out of your phone, most commonly associated with an Amber Alert. It sounds like a mix of a war siren and something that would play out of the movie 'The Purge'.

Well, it played on just about everyone's phones in Boise last night--at about 12:30 a.m.

There's a way to prevent that from ever happening again, though.

Interested in manipulating your own settings for these types of alerts? Here's how:

How to Update Your Government Alerts on iPhone

Want more control of those loud, government alerts? Here's how to toggle your own settings in iPhone!

Will you be changing how you receive these alerts? 

Now, as nice as it might be to adjust these settings--we want to emphasize that these alerts are important. It's also important to think that while last night's missing person may not have been your relative-- what if it had been? These inconveniences are only such, when they don't involve us.

Boise is a great community and while nothing was ideal about that screeching alert last night...we get it.

At about the same time as the alert, the Idaho State Police tweeted out the missing persons' information. As of the publishing time of this article, she is still missing & info below: 



It didn't take long for folks to share their two cents back...






If anyone has any information on Brenda's whereabouts--please contact police. 

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