If you're in need of a solid gig or maybe you're in the market for a second gig like many are amid these unprecedented times...Domino's is looking to bring on about 100 employees right here in the Treasure Valley. In a time where lots of companies are laying off, furloughing, or terminating their workforce entirely-- Domino's is hoping to give opportunity.

There's a position available for everyone between the 19 Treasure Valley Domino's locations. According to a press release shared with 103.5 KISS FM, everything from delivery drivers, customer service representatives, assistant managers, and managers is open. This means, you could squeeze in that second gig during some late night hours or perhaps put those managerial skills to work during the day at a location!

To find an open position nearest you or to see what's out there, just click HERE.

By the way...if you land the gig, feel free to send over as much pizza as you want to the radio station :)

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