Boise band lands big break in larger than life movie, Thor: RAGNAROK. You probably heard about them or maybe caught them at Treefort this year. Check out the "Magic" details.

Marvel Studios Hall H Panel
Credit: Getty Images for Disney

I'm standing in line at Whole Foods and the person in front of me is having a conversation about Treefort. They both went on about this band that everyone was going to see that night. It was my turn to check out and the cashier said, "Are you going to Treefort tonight?" There wasn't a hello or what's up because the enthusiasm for the band called, "Magic Sword" was just intense. That was the first time I heard of the name and that wasn't the last as I saw posts online about "Magic Sword" everywhere.

I'm definitely behind on the "Magic Sword" buzz, but I picked up on it extremely fast around Treefort. Everyone I spoke with raved about how LIT the atmosphere was with "Magic Sword." That's just the beginning and have a feeling this won't be the last time. If you were fortunate enough to catch them live - find your photos/videos. "Magic Sword" sets the tone for new Thor: RAGNAROK trailer with their track, "In the Face of Evil."

Fans have watched that trailer over 22 million times in less than 48 hours. You don't think that will do wonders for this Boise band that just rocked a stage in Downtown Boise? Get ready to reserve your tickets for the next time this American electronic trio touches down in Boise. I've already submitted my request for Boise Music Festival, Summer 2018.

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