As the Treasure Valley continues to grow, so too will incidents like the one we're about to tell you about. While Boise has never been totally crime-free, most folks would say (and often times brag) that Boise is a safe and clean place to live. While that is overwhelmingly true most days, sometimes, one or two guys will ruin it for everyone.

One local business is giving a couple of thieves a chance to make things right--the honest way.

The photo above was posted on the Instagram account of Voodoo Cellar-- an underground pub in downtown Boise. According to their post (and obviously, their surveillance cameras), two guys broke into the bar at nearly 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and drank some beer, broke some things, and stole an iPad.

Who does this?

The bar also shared in the post that they have over 20 minutes of video and audio of the incident--and a police report has been filed.

Here's the catch: the bar also says if they guys make it right, they will honor their honest and not press charges. Here's a chance to own up to some mistakes--everyone has made them.

In their post, the bar shares their terms:

So here's how you make things right and we opt to not press charges: Come into our pub during biz hours in the next 3 days, give us a legit apology, and give us our iPad back or $800 to replace what we just paid for it and the case and the card reader on it.  If we haven't heard from you by the time we open our pub on Friday, the 20+ minute video of you guys goes live here on IG, on Facebook, and in several different local groups (including the 208 crime one), and we have no choice but to press charges when you are caught.

Know the fellows in the photo? Or perhaps--it's you? NOBODY will judge you for doing what's right.

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