I was once told that if you receive something homemade, it's more special because you were on their mind the whole time they were creating it. You can uplift the spirits of a 15-year old boy fighting cancer with a simple birthday card. Craft one, perhaps? 

On September 13, Jorge Ibanez is turning 15. He's battling an aggressive form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma which is prevalent in teenagers and young adults. This cancer starts in the bones and creates its own bone matrix that isn't as strong as actual bones.

Jorge is undergoing six months of chemotherapy which has them in the hospital for a majority of the time. At 15, you would think he'd ask for something big and nearly impossible to get - but he's not. Happiness would come from a bunch of birthday cards pouring in from all over the country - the world, even!

Make one, buy one, write one in the sky, do whatever you would like. Let's wish Jorge a happy birthday!

Cards can be mailed to:

Jorge Ibanez

2837 W. Malad Street

Boise, ID 83705

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