In my experience, the craziest police/citizen stories happen in Portland. During my time there I was witness to the most unbelievable law breaking incidences. But today, a Boise teen wins the award for the craziest law-breaking incident.

Oregon State Police say troopers arrested a machete-wielding teenager after a car chase in which speeds hit triple digits before a fiery crash.
Capt. Tim Fox says the 17-year-old boy from Boise, Idaho, was driving recklessly on Interstate 84 west of La Grande when a trooper tried to pull him over Wednesday. The boy accelerated, pushing the 1997 Toyota Camry to speeds of more than 110 mph

The on-again, off-again pursuit ended in a crash with the guardrail where the car burst into flames. Thankfully, the young man survived with no injury. After a short standoff with Police, the boy from Boise dropped his machete and was arrested. He now faces charges of reckless driving and eluding police.

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