The internet is moaning over changes that were made by a popular adult website just this week. We shared the news with you as it all unfolded--a website called the 'Pornhub' is no longer available in Idaho.

Several folks ripped us in the comments on social media, claiming that we're lying.

We aren't.

You can no longer access the website that features videos of people partaking in the sexual intercourse, from Idaho.

With the popular website now 'non-operational' -- by their choice -- in Idaho, many are wondering where they can go to watch different types of sexual videos.

Did you know that there's a long-standing business, right here in the Treasure Valley, that allows folks to rent, buy, and watch the types of videos that you an no longer access on the internet from Idaho?

Here's a look at this locally owned and operated business that has been on Chinden since the mid-70's !

Inside Boise's Iconic 'Adult Shop'

We guarantee you've driven past this business

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Have you ever stopped in to the well-known 'Over 19' Store?

The State of Idaho did not BAN the website--but it DID put into action new restrictive laws for access to these types of websites. Since putting those into place, the Pornhub has said they want no part of it, and is banning access from Idaho I.P. Addresses.

We're willing to bet you have driven past this business, 'Over 19', a million times as it sits on a prominent corner of Chinden. It's been there as long as we can remember-- but actually we had no idea it opened in 1975! Why 'Over 19'? The story goes, according to their website, that the original owner didn't want to allow access to kids in High School.

Interested in watching adult videos? Screw the internet--no pun intended--and support a local business!

Learn more about the store, HERE.

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