One of the biggest names in the world right now is Taylor Swift. If you haven’t heard her music recently then you probably haven’t been listening to any music at all! Her tour was one of the biggest things to happen to America in 2023. If you live in Idaho you most likely have to travel in order to go to her Eras Tour because sadly she didn’t come to Boise for a show. While we know she definitely would have sold out Albertson’s Stadium we’ll just have to be patiently waiting until the day she finally does arrive for tour and hopefully, that day is soon.

With a new album on the horizon, Taylor Swift coming to Boise may not be as unlikely as it seems and may be happening sooner than we think. Taylor’s newest album the Tortured Poet’s Department will be coming out April 19th and everyone in Boise is all too excited to finally hear it.

With that being said it’s time to celebrate the album finally being released and The Record Exchange in Boise is prepared to host the event of the week! Right at midnight the official listening party of The Tortured Poet’s Department will begin.

Record Exchange

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The Record Exchange will have the official album there to purchase on both vinyl and CD for everyone. There will also be special treats for all of the guests and a chance to win a $50 gift card to The Record Exchange. You don’t want to miss this exclusive Boise Taylor Swift listening party!

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