Summertime in the Treasure Valley is alive and well--patios are open (and full), concerts are blasting music into the air from every outdoor and indoor venue around, the river is flowing with hundreds of happy floaters, and some of the best of our wilderness is in its prime. No matter what floats your "summer boat" -- pun intended -- there is certainly something for everyone.

If there's one thing that WE LOVE each summer and frankly, all year is supporting LOCAL business. One local business is taking their summer fun and your summer cool-off to a whole new level.

You've certainly seen them around: Bluebird Express Car Wash. Owned and operated by a local family right here in Boise, the car wash chain has become the Treasure Valley's premiere destination for car washes and car wash subscriptions. When you go to get your car washed--you want the wash itself to be clean, too. These Bluebird facilities are state of the art and top notch.

Along with cleaning their car, they want to cool you off...or let you take the ride of a well.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go through a car wash without the car?

Take a look at the adventure that these folks from last summer were able to experience: 

Inside Boise's Most Unique Car Wash Experience

When the temperatures rise in the Treasure Valley, we're all looking for ways to cool off. This local car wash might have come up with the absolute best idea, ever.

What. A. Ride! 

You'll be in a car of course--but the car just won't have a top.

Interested in winning the experience? Here's how to do it.

A total of 8 winners will be chosen for the fun car wash ride in Bluebird's custom convertible. Want to be in that 'pool' of winners? Anyone that signs up for any of Bluebird's unlimited plans are eligible to win the ride.  Already signed up for a plan? You're already entered for the contest.

Learn more about Bluebird Car Wash, HERE.

Are you good on the soap and suds? Check out these far more conventional splash pads for the summer, below: 

15 Totally Free Boise Area Splash Pads Where Kids Can Beat the Heat

Looking for a fun place to take the kids once the weather warms up? Here's a comprehensive guide to splash pads in Boise and the surrounding areas!


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