Today is Earth Day, and if I amazes me at how controversial it has become. Take into account how climate change has become such a heated issue, no pun intended, under the last political cycle--and suddenly, being kind to EARTH is an issue!? Maybe we should all take a step back.

In the grand scheme of things (and I'm no science expert), I think we can all agree that no matter how you look at the environment, our earth, and where we's a pretty important "thing". Sure, we'll all be gone in the next 50 years or so but what kind of shape do we want to leave this place in? It's pretty selfish of us to decide we don't care how our children and grandchildren will have to live after we're long gone. Even the Pope has spoken up, suggesting that care for our Mother, Earth is important!

It seems Boiseans care, after checking Twitter real quick a lot of people are sharing some "Happy Earth Day" love!

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