If there is one thing that Boise loves (besides winning the top spot on national lists and probably hiking), its BEER.

No, I'm not calling our city a haven for raging alcoholics. All I'm saying is this city LOVES its beer and even more so, its locally crafted and brewed beer. In case you have ever doubted this, just take a drive through town and count the number of breweries you see on street corners. It seems more and more open up every month!

A friend and I do beers every Saturday to catch up on our weeks (I regrettably missed out yesterday) and each week we choose a different brewery. Our rule? Local beer only. We have watched Gonzaga Basketball at Sockeye Brewing, played corn hole at Payette Brewing, eaten way too many nachos at Edge Brewing, and closed down Boise Brewing on a Sunday. The vibes in our local breweries are just too fun to want to go anywhere else--especially to any "pop-up" national chain.

So, while today is simply "National Beer Day"-- I'm giving out a cheers to our local brewers that keep our local production lines of beer, busy!

Did you tip back a beer today--or maybe this weekend? Which is YOUR favorite?

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