White Supremacy condemned? What a concept, right? It's a move that was made and passed by the Boise City Council just last week and I think we could all agree that there's nothing wrong with this.

Just this week, I wrote about a Day of the Dead event happening downtown Boise over at JUMP. I explained that while the event in itself is a really great time, it's great to see cultural events like this going on in our city. Not everyone embraces it, however, and not everyone that fears diversity is a white supremacist. Just last night I was at a bar in the North End of Boise watching some football, making conversation with the stranger to my right, who was a perfectly friendly guy-- turns out he "really hates Mexicans" but "tacos are okay".  It was tough for me to hear as a Hispanic-- I was shocked someone would just go down that rabbit hole of racial prejudice, but you just never know what someones background or upbringing is.

Boise City Council's move to condemn white supremacy in the city may not be the TOP issue going on in the streets of our city, but in my mind is a BRILLIANT step in getting ahead and making social progress.  Then again, many of us will never know what it's like to be victim of such a hatred and prejudice if we aren't of another color.

As Boise continues to grow, taking these steps of stomping out things like white supremacy is laying a major foundation for our future and I think we could all agree as our little city gets, well, not so little anymore-- our welcoming spirit should never go away.

Learn more on the Boise City Council's decision, HERE.

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